Frutoids Slot

Frutoids was created in 2014 and is one of the coolest and oddest slot games out there! Frutoids slot game is a fruity themed game however, it comes with a science fiction feel to it. The berries and fruits have an eerie feel and so does the music and overall graphics. Picture symbols with eggs inside or a scary venus fly trap type fruit/plant, that’s what the game has to give you. This game really shows off what Yggdrasil can do and bursts with colour and more! Get benefits including freeze and spin and the column multiplier.

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The Aim of Frutoids Slot

The aim of the game is to win as much as you can by getting matching symbols on the paylines. The game comes with 25 paylines and you can choose how many lines you would like to bet on! all you need to do is match three or more symbols on a payline from the leftmost side. The winning symbols will light up to show you your winning combination!

Features and Bonuses on Frutoids

There are some really cool features and bonuses on Frutoids! For example, the freeze feature which freezes three of the same symbol on a payline so that when you spin again there are more chances to win and the winning symbols stay held! When you spin again and another kind of winning symbol appears you will not get the freeze but winnings will automatically pay out.

The column multiplier occurs when all your symbols in a column are equal. Your final prize is multiplied by the number of completed columns you have from left to right. So, the more columns you have with the filled symbol, the more chances you have to have a higher multiplier.

How to play Frutoids

When you play Frutoids there are some cool added features including choosing the Spin Speed, autoplay and graphics quality. Other than that, there is the game panel which has different options when you are playing:

  • Lines: This allows you to choose how many lines you would like to bet on
  • Coin Value: How many coins would you like to spend on each line
  • Max Bet: Make the maximum possible bet here, it also starts the round
  • Spin Button: Play the round
  • Autoplay: Choose how many rounds you would like the game to spin for you.
  • Cash Bet: How much you are betting per round overall.
  • Balance: This is your remaining balance that you can use to play with

Conclusion of Frutoids Slot

We love the sci-fi inspired game. Overall, if you like something slightly odd and different then Frutoids slot is the game for you!

Play Frutoids Now!

An image of the Frutoids Slot Game screenshot